Marshalltown will hold their first Central Iowa Community Photo ID Drive on June 22


In the daily life of any person when interacting with businesses, organizations, schools and government agencies one might be asked to present some kind of form of identification. Not everyone has a government issued ID. Lately, some communities in Iowa tried to help residents without IDs by offering them Community IDs.

It started in Iowa City. It was Johnson County the first community in Iowa to offer this type of ID to their members. Now it receives support from Marshall and Story counties in Iowa as well. Community ID is not a government issued driver’s license or state type of ID. It cannot be used to board an airplane, to seek employment or to vote. The Central Iowa Community Photo ID is a verifiable form of identification that proves that a person is part of the community. Local law enforcement supports this type of identification because it helps them to keep communities more secure. Some health centers that require identification confirmation will accept the Central Iowa Community photo ID. Also, schools, businesses and city and county agencies take this type of ID to verify identity.

Members of the community interested in obtaining a Central Iowa Community Photo ID can apply for one during the Community ID Drive on Saturday, June 22, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM and from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM at the Marshalltown “Old Y” located at 705 S. Center St., Marshalltown. The organizers invite applicants to come earlier because people will be admitted and registered individually and once the capacity is reached the orientation begins. Orientation attendance is a requirement. During orientation, participants will learn about how and where this ID can be used for and its limitations.


In order to obtain Central Iowa Community Photo ID, applicants are NOT required to provide a Social Security number or W-2 tax forms. The information applicant will provide when obtaining ID will remain only on ID, it will not be filed and stored anywhere. The only thing kept is paper with the applicant’s name and signature. Central Iowa Community Photo ID is valid for two years and can be renewed after it expires.


To obtain this type of identification card one needs to bring photo identification such as current or expired driver’s license, national ID card, matricula consular or other embassy ID, passport and proof of physical residence within last 3 months such as utility bill with the applicant’s name on it, rent or cable agreement with the applicant’s name, medical record, bank statement. P.O. box is not proof of residence and all documents need to be original copies only. The cost of this ID card is $8 (cash only). The organizers also invite applicants to bring other forms of proof of identity and residence as those documents could be accepted as well. They urge to bring as many kinds of documents as possible to assure the applicant get the right ones. Also, the organizers caution that anyone providing false documents will be banned from ever receiving this ID. The ID will be sent to the applicant by mail to an address provided in the application in about two weeks after filling out the application.

Organizers of Marshalltown ID drive stated that although the Community ID receives ample support from Marshall and Story Counties in Iowa, they are working hard on widening the support in other counties of the state as well.

“Anyone who feels the ID would be useful is welcome. For example there are many who may work in Marshall or visit frequently and the ID could be recognized elsewhere if the organization was willing to trust the validity of our process” said Joa LaVille a community advocate from Immigrant Allies of Marshalltown

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