Marshalltown Mayor issues mask mandate


By Joe Fisher, Courtesy of The Times Republican


Marshalltown Mayor Joel Greer issued a citywide mask mandate Monday.

According to the proclamation, every person in Marshalltown must wear a mask covering their nose and mouth when:


  • Marshalltown Mayor Joel Greer issued a citywide mask mandate on Monday. Masks must be worn in all indoor public settings.

    Inside any indoor public setting such as grocery and retail stores.

  • Inside other public settings that are not one’s residence.
  • Outside if keeping 6 feet of distance is not possible.
  • Using public transportation.

The mandate includes language about businesses as well. Businesses open to the public are not to allow entry to people who are not wearing face coverings. Businesses are being told to post signs informing customers of the face covering rules.

There are several exemptions to the mask mandate, including children under 2 years old, people on oxygen or ventilators, public safety officials and people momentarily exposing their face to verify identification.


The mayor had been considering taking such action since Gov. Kim Reynolds made a proclamation for the state which came into effect on Nov. 17.


“The idea was to strengthen it a little bit in terms of language and specifics,” Greer said. “Ten, 20, 30 percent of people will see there’s a proclamation and they’ll do it.”


More than a dozen communities across Iowa have issued similar mask mandates.

“I hope that with other cities like ours we can ask people to do the right thing and they will,” Greer said.

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