Looking Stupendous the Day of Your Quinceañera


quinceaera3Growing up many little girls imagine how they will look the day of their Quinceañera.  They imagine looking like a princess wearing a gorgeous gown and the most beautiful tiara.  They imagine how people will look at them when they arrive at their ball, looking beautiful, like a true queen of the ball.  And that’s precisely how it should be, since the Quinceañera will be the queen of the ball, she has to stand out from the rest so everyone will recognize who she is.
Traditionally the Quinceañera dress was white, symbolizing purity, remember back then an event like this was planned to present young ladies to society and prove they had reached maturity and were ready for marriage.  Before, you couldn’t really find many different styles of dresses or gowns so many opted for the color white and combined it with another color, which only their Quinceañera court would wear.  Today there are many boutiques that dedicate themselves only for the Quinceañera.
  There, you will find almost everything you need and they will assist you to add a more personal touch to your day.  Not only can you find everything for the Quinceañera, but the family can also pick the attire they will wear on that day and you can find attire for your Quinceañera court in a broad variety of styles and models that are original.  Everything for those who will accompany you on your day can look very elegant.
Today’s dresses come in many different colors and styles, even more perfect for the Quinceañera that wants to be different and original and not look like a replica of other Quinceañeras in the past, since every young lady has her own taste and imagines what she wants her dress will look like. Its very important to choose the color of your dress according to your skin tone and your figure, since not everyone’s body shape is the same, not all dresses look good on all body types, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the dress you’ve always dreamed of.  Its also very important to feel comfortable in your dress, since you will be dancing and enjoying the night away.  Although some Quinceañeras change dresses throughout the night, many keep the same dress on the whole day until the end of the event, you wouldn’t like to look uncomfortable wearing a beautiful dress, so its important to be comfortable, that way you will look even more stunning in your gown.
Normally, dresses for an event like this are very puffy made of silk or satin, although other types of fabrics can be used depending on the model of the dress and body type.  The dress is decorated with white or pastel colored rhinestones or beads with cotton or silk lace.  Its important to wear accessories that combine with the dress and not clash with the dress’ beaded detailing.  Dress shoes or heels should make you feel comfortable enough to walk and dance, remember not everyone changes attire, so you will be wearing these most of the night, but more importantly your shoes should match with your gown and be appropriate for the season .  There’s many styles to choose from, you can choose open or closed toed, high heel or flat as long as they combine with your dress.  It also very important to take into consideration that not all the ladies you’ve chosen to be in the Quinceañera court have the same body.  For that same reason, take time to choose a gown that will suit all their body types and will be appropriate for the season.  For the young men in your court, make sure their attire is worn the same.  Not all of them wear their clothes the same, so its important they know the appropriate way to wear their suites or the attire you choose for them, remember, the only one who is supposed to stand out from everyone, is the Quinceañera, the girls should all look the same as well.  Something the family should take into consideration when choosing their attire is that just because you have chosen a certain color for your Quinceañera court to wear and to have on your decorations, doesn’t mean they have to wear that color as well.  Many family members make the mistake in wearing the same color as the Quinceañera court.  They should remember that they are the guests of honor at the event and should also stand out in an elegant way.  The mothers could also find a gown or dress at the same boutique as the Quinceañera, there they can choose something that’s appropriate and doesn’t match the girls from the Quinceañera court.
An important detail for the Quinceanera to know is her hairdo.  Usually girls will wear a hear piece or hair accessory made of baby’s breathe and beading that matches her bouquet.  Remember to choose a hair piece that’s not too big and can be removed easily (if necessary, depending on where the accessory is placed on the head) since the Quinceañera will be presented with a tiara during the event in which someone will need to place it on her.  The hairdo should go along with the facial characteristics, since there are certain hairdos that don’t go great with certain face shapes, for example a hairdo that goes good on a round face may not be suitable for someone with a long face.  The season can also be a big influence to weather a certain type of hairdo is appropriate.  If it’s too hot or humid, its not recommendable to wear your hair down since weather like this can make hair frizz, which can be bad for curls.   You should also choose a hairdo that will good with your dress.  Some dresses are strapless or halter top or have shoulder length sleeves, in which an up do can look great.  Its advised to not wear your hair down with a halter top dress since it’s a feature on your dress that you want to show off and not have covered.
Since a Quinceañera is turning into a young lady, you want to look as one on that day as well.  As young girls they would play with their mommy’s or big sisters makeup and dress up their dolls, imitating the way they dressed.  They practice wearing makeup on themselves to look more grown up, making sure they apply everything the appropriate way.  The day of the Quinceanera she should also wear a bit of make up, but its important to look natural.  A nice lip-gloss in pastel or pink colors is recommendable, remember, keep it simple, a little bit of color on the cheekbones and a little bit on the eyelids would be enough, too much make up can be bad for pictures, depending on the lighting, and can looked caked on.  Light skin tones would look best with rosy tones, medium to dark skin tones would be best with natural tones.
Although you’ll wear your dress, your shoes and your accessories on that day only, remember that you turn 15 only once and you will want to remember that day looking beautiful and happy.  So pay attention to details, but at the same time, don’t forget that something always goes out of planned.  Remember to have everything in order so your worries wont leave you or your family stressed.  Coming together with family in events such as these is important because you prove to one another that you’ll will not only be together in the good times, but in the bad times as well.  Since a lot of planning is done for this day only, value it very much so that your day turns out just the way you’ve always dreamed wearing the dress you’ve always imagined, but most importantly, enjoying it with your family and closest friends.  Smile!  Be happy on your day, your natural beauty comes from the heart and will be something that will stand out even more than your beautiful gown and makeup.  You’ll spread your happiness with those that surround you and that way you’ll show your appreciation towards the ones who helped you make this day come true and helped make it turn out the way you dreamed.

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