Local Mexican Bands Prepare Dance To Benefit Haiti


All of us humans are part of one big family, Like any other family we fight with each other and we make up later on, but when disaster strikes, in any part of the world, we forget about our fights and problems and we come together to help.

The earthquake in Haiti is the best example of how all the people try to give at least a little to help people of that island to recover after the disaster.

The Hispanic community of the Quad Cities also is trying to help. On the 20th of February of 2010 there will be a dance and all the funds collected will be donated to Red Cross for the victims of earthquake in Haiti. Latinos are very happy people and dancing and singing is a huge part of the culture. Victor, one of the members of the musical group Reflejo 7, had come up with idea to use this love for dance and song for a good cause. Like everyone else, he saw terrible images of earthquake on the news and he saw the suffering and hunger that reigns in Haiti after the disaster. “We need to help them at least a little,” Victor said.


Last week the members of musical group Reflejo 7 were on the Spanish TV show Nuestra Gente and they invited everyone to attend the dance. They mentioned that they ask for minimum donation of $10, but if anyone has and wants to give more, it is more than welcomed. “Any amount you can give is perfect,” the members of the Reflejo 7 said.

In addition to the group Reflejo 7, 5 other musical groups will be playing during the dance of 20th of February. They are Ritmex, Fantasia Musical, Grupo Realidad, Paisas de Durango and Concentrado Musical. This is an event where all the family is invited to enjoy the music and dance. And there will be no remorse because the money one will pay for admission will be donated to The American Red Cross for the victims of earthquake in Haiti.

People all over the world united to send at least a little of help to those affected by a disaster. We might be far away from the island of Haiti, but they say that one receives double when he gives from the heart. Latinos are very happy people and they are always ready to help those who need it. Thanks to Reflejo 7 and other 5 musical groups we all have an opportunity to donate some amount of money and at the same time enjoy a great dance.


Dance for collecting funds for victims of earthquake in Haiti will be on February 20th, 2010 at The Moline Community Center. Please, come to enjoy this dance that was planned to support a noble cause.

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