Latinos of Iowa are ready to caucus. Who will they choose?


This Monday evening is the culmination of over a year of Political events and candidates visits to Iowa. On the last month many of these campaigns have been courting the Latino vote looking for an edge that will make them victorious come Monday night. You know what they say “the Road to the Presidency Starts in Iowa”. Although Iowa is not the ultimate decider winning here will certainly give any campaign the momentum to get them to the finish line and the nomination at the Democratic Convention in mid July. 

Who will the Latinos of Iowa caucus for?  Hola Iowa asked Latinos throughout the state and these are their responses:

Latinos supporting Joe Biden:

Patricia Richie, Carrol, IA Two-time combat veteran, Latina and  community advocate. 

“I am caucusing for Joe Biden because he is ready to walk in and get to work  already knowing what is expected of him. As a veteran, woman, Latina, and as a previous violent crime advocate I believe he has the  ability to make a difference. I believe that he has had the passion to work on behalf of immigrants since his work on the Violence Against Women Act. As a humanitarian it is important that he continues to work on these issues and I believe he is committed to do so.”

Mary Campos, Des Moines, IA.  Long time Latino community activist

“Joe Biden is a man of integrity and honesty — he has worked his entire career to provide everyone access to the American Dream,” “He treats everyone with dignity — no matter their background or where they come from. Joe understands that immigrants are a crucial part of our identity and who we are as a country. Joe has the expertise, knowledge and ability to bring the country together and I am proud to caucus for him on Monday.”

Rob Barron, Co-Founder of the Latino Political Network and Des Moines School Board Member

“I’m caucusing for Joe Biden because he is ready to do the most important job facing the next president: heal our divided country and live up to the responsibility of the office,” “Joe Biden has the right mix of experience and vision and he will be a wise leader. He’s also someone that I can tell my children they should look up to. After three years of President Trump, that is a pretty big deal for this young father.”

Latinos supporting Bernie Sanders:

Nicholas Salazar, Muscatine, IA

“Bernie has the most progressive immigration policy in presidential history. Bernie knows where he came from, standing up for immigrant families like his. Bernie will always fight for our health care, our families and our fellow workers because our fight is his fight.”  

Marlen Mendoza, Iowa City, IA  


“I support Bernie Sanders porque el es el candidato del pueblo. His whole life he has been fighting for poor and working class people regardless of their status or identity. This is a movement it’s not just about the caucus or the presidency it’s about changing the way we do politics and changing the way systems have robbed us from our future. Everything he believe in is not radical it’s common sense. It’s common sense to invest in our healthcare, education and local economies. What doesn’t make sense is that the media and powerful elite hates this man because he wants to restore dignity to working class Americans by advocating for our basic needs and livelihoods. I’m fighting for him because he’s fought for me before I was even born.”

Cristal Garcia, Hampton, IA 18 year-old first time caucus participant

“I support Sanders because he’s letting the Latino community know they are being heard. That I too matter. Not only that but he’s fighting for climate change so that I can have a family one day like I’ve always dreamed about”

Latinos supporting Elizabeth Warren:

Mayra Alejandra Lopez, Storm Lake, IA


“My name is Mayra Lopez and I will be a Precinct Captain in Storm Lake, IA for Elizabeth Warren. I support this candidate because she has an unparalleled passion for justice and equality. She is tackling corruption head on and working to ensure that our economy is working for everyone… not just the wealthy!”

David Barajas Jr., Marshalltown, IA 

“I’m excited to caucus for Senator Elizabeth Warren on Monday evening; as Senator Warren is willing to fight for and advocate for all Americans…Senator Warren understands that all people are important, and is willing to work for a more prosperous  America for all of us!”

Maria Mellado, Mount Pleasant, IA

“I will caucus for Elizabeth Warren. She is smart and strong and is about time we have a woman president. “

Latinos supporting Pete Buttigieg:

Eddie Diaz, Perry, IA. US Marines veteran

“I have attended events for every one of the remaining candidates and had the opportunity to meet personally and introduce several of them to audiences small and large. I have studied their policies, speeches and backgrounds. I mention all of this because I think it is important to let my friends know how much I value democracy and that I don’t take voting lightly. This week I made my decision, I will be caucusing for Pete Buttigieg and I want to share why.

1) Unifying the country. I met Pete a few months ago and was moved by his message of building community amongst all parts of the country, not just those that vote for him. Our country cannot afford to continue down this path of divergence and Pete gets it

2) Sensible Policies. Pete’s policies are focused on Middle America. If you believe in progress on education, inequality, health care, middle class issues, Pete’s your guy. If you believe in revolutionary change or reactionary change, he is not for you.

3) Electability. I think a large number of voters are not interested in voting for anyone that has spent a large amount of time in Washington D.C. Every President since 1980, except for one, had relatively little experience in Washington D.C. Pete’s experiences as a mayor, veteran, spouse of a teacher, and youth offer a fresh perspective that we can get behind.”

Latinos supporting Amy Klobuchar:

Rita Vargas, Davenport, IA. 

Scott County Recorder and highest elected Latina in the State of Iowa. 

“Amy has the experience and vision to lead our county and she is committed to bringing people together over our shared values.  Amy has crafted bold and achievable policies and she has the track record for getting her policy plans through Congress. The Latinx community will have a leader who will stand up for worker’s rights, pass comprehensive immigration reform, achieve affordable health care, and tackle climate change head on.  I am proud to be endorsing Amy’s candidacy and look forward to caucusing or her on Monday February 3rd.”


Now it’s your turn. Please let us know in the comments area who you support as a candidate for President and why: 

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