Latino Business Owners Open Doors!


latino_business_breakfastLatino business owners opened the doors towards the first steps of certifying their businesses”, said Armando Villareal, Iowa Division of Latino Affairs Administrator (IDLA), in the second Breakfast meeting held on August 16th.
The IDLA along with support of the Appeals and Inspections Office and the ISED Social Program organized a breakfast at United Way in which approximately
100 people attended.
The purpose of this reunion was to guide the Latino business owners on the application process to convert their businesses into certified companies.  They were also informed about technical support and the requirements they must have to obtain financing of up to $50,000 with an interest rate of 5%.
Sherry Hopkins, Manager of the Small Business Certification Program, said that the program was designed to help expand business owners of ethnic groups, women and people who are handicapped in particular.
Those who attended also received information regarding administrative differences between other types of businesses that could be installed in Iowa and of the precautions business owners must have.  Carlos Rios, Coordinator of the Immigrants of Iowa & Nebraska Net, and Ruben Arias-Pe, Auditor of the Admissions Department, were the first to talk about this topic.
“This seminar was the best orientation I’ve ever received to get to know more about how to start and create my small business and the benefits I can obtain”, said one of the satisfied attendants of the breakfast.
Due to the necessity expressed by the attendants, the IDLA will have another reunion on September 12th from 8:00-10:00am to continue with the small business certification applications.  Such reunion, with a continental breakfast, will take place on the sixth floor of the Lucas Building, located at 321 E. 12th St., Des Moines, Iowa and is free to the public.
One of the attendants thanked the organizers for reunions of this type that help the Latino community and “will help make our dreams come true”.

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