Latina Business Excellence Summit to Empower and Connect Latina Entrepreneurs

Leadership team and founders of the Latina Business Excellence Summit. Photo by Tatiana Peña

Des Moines, IA – Latinas are a powerful force in the business world, and the Inaugural Latina Business Excellence Summit aims to celebrate and empower Latina entrepreneurs. This exciting event will take place on Thursday, May 9th, 2024, from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM CT at the River Center at 340 SW 3rd St in Des Moines.

This ground-breaking event aims to magnify Latina business owners by increasing access to opportunities, representation, and resources to help them realize their full potential and inspire other Latinas to follow their entrepreneurial dreams. “Latina-owned businesses are one of the fastest growing segments of entrepreneurship, but they often face unique challenges like limited access to networks and professional development,” said Erika Macias, publisher and co-founder of the summit. “This event will provide Latina business owners with the tools, connections, and inspiration to take their ventures to new heights.” 

Co-founders of the event include Claudia Schabel, president, and CEO of Schabel Solutions, a full-service strategic DEI consulting firm; Rocio Hermosillo Tarin, co-founder and Team Leader for ELLLA Real Estate Team; Blanca Plasencia, co-owner of El Fogon Restaurants and the upcoming restaurant El Guacamole Patio and Cantina in Waukee; Perlla Deluca, CEO of Southeast Constructors and co-founder of the Iowa School of Construction; and Erika Macias owner of Hola Iowa / Hola America News a media company that covers the states of Iowa, Illinois, and Nebraska. Each co-founder is a successful Latina business owner with a passion for helping others thrive. 


“It’s exciting to do something to encourage and inspire others to fulfill their own visions. That’s what really drives me. This is for Latinas by Latinas. There are a lot of things done by others for us that don’t always fulfill our needs or inspire us the way we can inspire each other.” Schabel said.

The event offers a dynamic format, including:
  • Expo: Connect with and support a diverse group of Latina-owned businesses and vital resource organizations.
  • Panel Discussion: Learn from Latina business leaders through a captivating discussion.
  • Keynote Speaker: Gain valuable insights and inspiration from a prominent Latina business leader.
  • JEFAS – Latinas in Business Magazine Unveiling: Be among the first to witness the exciting unveiling of this new magazine created by Latinas to showcase Latina entrepreneurs.
  • Networking Reception: Build connections and forge lasting relationships with fellow attendees.
Claudia Schabel, president, and CEO of Schabel Solutions

“Whether you’re just starting out or a veteran entrepreneur, this summit will equip you with ideas and contacts to position your business for growth,” said Macias. “We want every Latina who attends to leave feeling empowered, connected and inspired about the boundless potential of their businesses.”


Our purpose is to empower Latina business owners by increasing their access to opportunities, representation, and resources so they can realize their full potential and inspire other Latinas to do the same.

The founding sponsors for the Latina Business Excellence Summit are: 
  • Law Offices of Sonia Parras PLLC
  • Hola Iowa / Hola America News
  • Iowa School of Construction 
  • Schabel Solutions 

Tickets for the Inaugural Latina Business Excellence Summit are now available here. Space is limited, so don’t miss out on this powerful and impactful event!

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The Latina Business Excellence Summit is committed to fostering a vibrant and supportive environment for Latinas in business. We believe in the power of collaboration, education and community building to achieve their full potential. By increasing access to opportunities and resources, the summit enables Latina business owners to break through barriers and achieve sustainable growth.


For more information or interview opportunities, please contact Tar Macias at [email protected] 

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