Landlord kicks out black business owner for participating in peaceful protest in Des Moines


Jeremiah Johnson posted on his Twitter account a video showing a confrontation between Exodus Bargblor, a black man immigrant from Liberia, and the landlord that they leased office space from. 

The landlord saw Exodus and some of his partners participating at a recent protest while he was watching the news and kicked them out of his building according to Jeremiah’s post.


“We got kicked out from our business office space by our landlord cuz he saw us on the news peacefully protesting.Violating our 1st amendment rights and the lease.” Johnson said in his tweet. 

 “When other people protest for haircuts, it’s great! But when I protest peaceful it’s bad!!” He added. 


In another tweet he shared the pictures that the landlord saw of them participating in the protest in the news.  

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