Judge Norma Kauzlarich to run for the Fourteenth Judicial Court.

Judge Norma Kauzlarich Photo from Hola America Archives

Associate Judge Norma Kauzlarich announced her candidacy for the Fourteenth Judicial Circuit last Thursday February 3rd, 2022 at the American Legion Hall Post 829 in East Moline, IL.

“Judge Kauzlarich is running for the Fourteenth Judicial Circuit so that she can continue to contribute to the high standards, integrity and decorum of the court while bringing her unique and alternate perspective to court proceedings. She has high expectations of herself and a strong work ethic and wishes to continue to keep those attributes in the courtroom.” Said the press release. 

Judge Kauzlarich brings over 25 years of law experience and 7 years as a judge. Between college and law school, she worked at a Chicago public relations firm working with the Superbowl Bears, the Chicago Bulls and various other national and international companies providing support to the firm and the media in English and Spanish.  She was in private law practice from 1995 to 2001 concentrating in family law, immigration and criminal matters.  From 2001 to 2011, she served as an Assistant State’s Attorney initially assigned to civil & traffic matters, then to the sex assault and abuse matters eventually leading her to be the “drug prosecutor” from 2004 – 2011.  In 2011, Judge Kauzlarich was selected as the first female “First Assistant State’s Attorney” (akin to Deputy Chief State’s Attorney). 


She was appointed as an Associate Circuit Judge in October 2014.  When she was sworn in as an Associate Judge, she was the sixth woman to ever become a judge in the Fourteenth Judicial Circuit, the first Latina and second person of color to be appointed to the bench.  Until December, 2021, she was assigned to criminal felony court and currently, she is assigned to Mercer County, Whiteside County and Rock Island County juvenile court.

About Judge Norma Kauzlarich:

Born in Moline, Illinois; moved to Mexico; returned in January, 1969 and entered kindergarten as a non-English speaking student. She is a graduate of Moline Sr. High School, Northern Illinois University and the accelerated program at the University of Iowa Law School where she graduated with her youngest sister.

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