Jose Estrada: Running with a Purpose


Running has always been a passion of his. But on October 11 of this year Jose Estrada will use his passion for a good cause. 


Jose Estrada is a well known community leader in Columbus Junction. Not only he is a business owner of Take 2 Scene 2, a video rental store and restaurant, but also he is also the president of the recently formed LULAC Council 317 of Columbus Junction. It is not easy to run a business, take care of family and represent LULAC in the community and still find time to pursue your passion. 

“I ran in the New York City Marathon,” Mr. Estrada shared about the days when he lived in Brooklyn, New York and had time to run and participate in races. In fact, in 1990 Mr. Estrada was one of the founders of the Club Atletico Mexicano de New York. This club is one of the well known and respected running clubs in New York. 


“Running has been a big part of me,” Jose Estrada shares. “Although I haven’t run for 20 years, I decided to start to run again and compete, but not just for me.” 

Mr. Estrada found the way to use his passion for running for something good. For first time this year Mr. Estrada presents Dollar per Mile and he would like everyone to join in his effort to raise money for LULAC scholarships in Columbus Junction through this Fund Raiser. On October 11 Jose Estrada will put his running shoes and he will participate in a 26 miles race in Chicago Marathon. 

“My goal is to raise $3,000. $1 per mile. Each mile I run I get a donation,” Jose Estrada explained his effort.  He also mentioned that he hopes that this fund raiser can turn into an annual event in a future.


If successful, he plans to present 6 scholarships of $500 each to the 2015-2016 High School graduates in Columbus Junction. In order to reach this goal he needs the help of his community and everyone else interested in helping young people achieve their academic potential. 

Hola America and Hola Iowa would like to invite everyone to join us in our pledge to donate to Dollar per Mile. Together we can help young people to make their dream of higher education come true. For more information about the Dollar per Mile pledge please call Jose Estrada at (319) 728-7167 or (319) 471-8003. You can also send him an e-mail to [email protected] 


A busy family man, a business owner, president of LULAC council 317 and now a man who turned his passion for running into a way to help others achieve their dreams. Hola America and Hola Iowa and the community are supporting you, Mr. Estrada, and wishing your best of luck! On your marks… set… GO!


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