By Rossany Auceda, Iowa Department of Public Health

Take advantage of training courses approved by the State of Iowa to work on the removal, renovation, repair, and painting of lead-based paint in homes built before 1978!  In Iowa, there are over 800,000 residential homes that were built before 1978.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines these homes as target housing or homes likely to have been painted with lead-based paint and require a certified lead professional to work on them.


Iowa’s Lead Professional Certification Program, administered by the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH), offers training opportunities in the field of removing or repairing homes with lead-based paint.  One of the programs is an 8-hour Lead Safe Renovator course that focuses on using lead-safe work practices, testing for lead in paint, and protecting yourself from lead exposure.

The advantage of becoming a certified lead safe renovator is that only one person on a project is required to be certified.  Other workers on the project are not required to be certified but can receive training from the certified lead safe renovator.  This kind of certification offers an opportunity for individuals to manage a project team or start their own business in renovating, repairing, or painting old homes.

Another certification training opportunity is as a lead abatement contractor or worker. Abatement is a procedure to completely remove lead from a home. This training is more extensive and requires additional hours of training.  Opportunities for lead abatement projects are fewer but have a higher project cost.  The training course for lead abatement contractors is 40 hours and 24 hours for lead abatement workers.

The cost of training depends on the course and trainer you choose.  Click HERE for a list of Iowa training providers and the schedule of training courses offered throughout Iowa. (scroll to the bottom of the page).

For more information on lead training and certification opportunities in Iowa, call IDPH at (515) 281-3225 or 800-972-2026. Or visit us at

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