Iowa Launches Spanish-Language Lucha Antifraude Campaign to Combat Fraud 


Des Moines, Iowa – The Iowa Insurance Division is launching the Lucha Antifraude campaign, a Spanish-language comprehensive initiative aimed at combating fraud within the Spanish-speaking community. This Lucha Antifraude campaign, based on the Iowa Fraud Fighters campaign, seeks to empower and educate Spanish-speaking consumers about common scams, fraud prevention strategies, and available resources to report fraudulent activities. 


The Lucha Antifraude campaign will work to bridge the language gap and ensure that vital anti-fraud information reaches every corner of the community to combat fraud effectively. 

Through a series of targeted outreach efforts, The Lucha Antifraude campaign will raise awareness about various types of fraud, including identity theft, investment scams, and online fraud. The materials and resources provided will be culturally sensitive, recognizing the unique needs and challenges faced by Spanish-speaking individuals and families. 


The Lucha Antifraude campaign will employ a multi-pronged approach to reach and engage the Spanish-speaking community. This will include: 

  1. Educational Workshops: Interactive workshops will be conducted throughout the state, providing Spanish-speaking residents with practical tips and strategies to recognize and avoid fraud. 
  2. Public Service Announcements: Spanish-language public service announcements will be  broadcasted across various media platforms, including radio and online channels, to raise awareness about common fraud schemes and prevention strategies. 
  3. Community Partnerships: Collaborations with community organizations, local businesses, and trusted leaders within the Spanish-speaking community are being established to extend the campaign’s reach and foster trust and engagement. 

The Lucha Antifraude campaign will equip Spanish-speaking individuals with knowledge and resources aimed to empower them to protect themselves and their families from fraudulent activities. 

For more information about the Lucha Antifraude campaign, please visit or the campaign’s Facebook page.  

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