Immigration Around the Nation, Nov. 21, 2007


Immigration Around The Nation: After Husband dies in Iraq, Wife may be Deported; New York Politicians Change Their Minds on Licenses, San Francisco passes first vote for IDs

►Immigrantion Officials Say Citizenship Request Died With Husband

Dahianna Heard lost her husband Jeff in March of 2006, now she may be deported says NBC affiliate WESH-2 in Orlando, Flo.



Heard is at the risk of being deported and has been fighting to stay in the United States but her petition and appeal were turned down. The Venezuelan mother was told by immigration officials that her request for citizenship died with her husband. She told WESH-2 that she just wants a normal life.


Bryan Heard was born right before his dad Jeff was sent to Iraq. Though Bryan is a U.S. citizen, his mother has said she would take her son with her back to Venezuela to keep the family together.  Jeff Heard is buried inOrlando but if Dahianna is deported, she will not be able to visit her husband’s gravesite.


►New York Governor and Hillary Give Up Fight for Licenses


After promising to issue driver’s licenses for the undocumented, Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York has decided to not pursue his original intentions.


The governor even struck a deal with the Department of Homeland Security that includes Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to create a license for non-governmental purposes like entering federal buildings or riding an airplane.



However, much vocal opposition throughout the nation changed the governor’s mind. USA Today said that twenty clerks, who run the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices, said they would not issue licenses to the undocumented. Other politicians even thought of a counter proposal that would stop the undocumented from having a license.


New York Senator and presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton even caught some heat over this issue. At a recent debate on MSNBC, she was asked whether she supported the governor’s plans. She answered in the debate the reasons why the governor’s plans were good. However, she changed her mind a few minutes later interrupting Senator Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) by saying that she was opposed to the issue of licenses for the undocumented.



►San Francisco One Vote Away From City ID’s

San Francisco, Calif. gave pre-approval for an ordinance that would issue identification cards for anyone who asks for it. The first vote passed 10-1 and another vote will be taken up before the mayor of the city decides on whether to make it law. However, the mayor of the city, Gavin Newsom, has said he supports it.


Legal status would not be asked in the city of about 700,000 people which would make it the largest city in the United States to allow such a measure. Those in favor of the bill say this would give identification to those who previously had no access to it.


The New York Times reported in a strange twist that those in favor and against immigration could agree that with the failed comprehensive immigration reform legislation, it will be up to the local and state governments to decide what to do.

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