Immigration Around the Nation


“Illegal Alien” Saves Boy’s Life, Number of People Coming to U.S. Highest ever in History, Liliana declares Sanctuary


►Man Deported After Saving Life of a Child

Nine year-old boy Christopher Buztheitner had the worst Thanksgiving after losing his mother in a car accident. Thanks to an undocumented immigrant, Buztheitner is living.
Manuel Cordova was 50 miles away from Tucson, Ariz. and was walking for two days straight, when he saw the boy walking away from the crash. The weather was cold and the child only had shorts on. Cordova gave him the coat of his back and stayed with him.
The boy’s mother, forty-five-year old Dawn Alice Tomko lost control of her van and landed 300 feet from the road. Cordova retrieved chocolate and cookies to feed the boy. A fire was built by Cordova with the boy sleeping that night. Cordova stayed awake to make sure the child was protected and to take care of the fire.
The next day, a group of hunters found the two and called for help. The border patrol took Cordova into custody and Christopher was flown to a hospital. Though, Cordova now is back in Mexico and knew that he would be arrested if he stayed with the boy, Cordova had to stay. He told reporters that he has four children of his own and could never have left the boy there.


► Latino Immigrants Speak Little English, Later on Little Spanish

Like the immigrants from other nations, Latino immigrants speak little English in the first generation. However, the second generation is dominated by English and the third has little Spanish according to a study by the Pew Hispanic Center.
This study contradicts arguments that Latinos will not assimilate and learn English. The associate director for research, Rakesh Kochhar told the Associated Press that Mexican immigrants make up 64 percent of the Latino population in the United States. Kochhar also suspected that the large number of Spanish use is reflected on the large number of new arrivals.
According to senior writer, D’Vera Cohn of the Pew Hispanic Center, it is impossible to know the numbers of German, Asian, Eastern European, and other groups in the 1800 and 1900s because no one kept track of those statistics at that time.

►Another Mother Declares Sanctuary


Liliana, who refused to give her last name, has decided to live in a Simi Valley church in Calif. Facing deportation, the twenty nine year old mother of two decided to declare sanctuary. This is the same church that received a $40,000 fine for the cost of extra police officers in a rally.
In May 2007, ICE agents arrived at her home. Liliana pleaded for a few extra days to help find care for her children. At this time, Liliana was told about the sanctuary movement going on at her church and decided to do it herself.


According to a Los Angeles Times article, local and federal authorities have declined to enter the building in which she is staying, and are saying that they have more serious crimes to address.


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