Immigration Around the Nation


►Judge Orders Indefinite Delay on Social Security Number Verification
Charles Breyer, a U.S. District Court judge in San Francisco said that the government had failed to follow proper procedures when it comes to a new rule that would have forced employers to fire any worker whose social security numbers could not be verified.


He argued that the new law would have “massive ramifications” arguing that no legal explanation was given and the cost for small business would be enormous. The judge found that much harm could be done to innocent workers and employers. In the strangest twist of all, the AFL-CIO union and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce worked together on this case. Both usually fight one another in labor disputes.


For now, the verification system rule has stopped until a final decision is made. It is expected to take a couple of months before a decision is made. A total of 141,000 letters from the Social Security Administration to workers, saying that the information did not match on about eight million workers and an explanation of this rule were for now, stopped as well.



►1,313 Gang Members Arrested
Federal agents are using the increased amount of raids to arrest and deport gang members throughout the country after a three month investigation. According to an interview with USA Today, Michael Keegan of ICE who said that of the 34 people arrested in St. Paul, Minn., four were legal permanent residents of the United States but had a previous criminal conviction.


Critics say that ICE did not just target gang members but arrested others as well. Keegan told USA Today that most of the people who were arrested were gang members but that agents did arrest other undocumented people if they were there as well.


According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) New York and Long Island had the most gangsters arrested with 205 arrests. Miami had 160; San Diego, Calif. had 128; and Dallas, Texas had 121. In the Midwest, Chicago had 47 arrests. ICE also arrested Midwesterners in St. Paul, Minn.; Indianapolis, Ind.; Milwaukee, Wisc.; and Detroit, Mich.



►Commerce CEO Asks for More Immigration
The millions of undocumented workers need to be “normalized” and legal immigration needs to be increased according to U.S. Chamber of Commerce president and CEO, Thomas Donahue.


He was quoted on Wednesday, October 10 in The Arizona Republic saying, “We can either force companies to move offshore . . . we can either make the U.S. dependent on other countries for our food supply, just like we are for oil . . . or we can have a system of bringing the workers into our country.”



Donahue also mentioned that no solution will please everybody but that Congress needs to address the issue after failing to pass comprehensive laws earlier this year. He also urged business owners to speak with employees on how immigration affects their company. Responding to criticism on whether immigrants drive down wages, Donahue said, “You can’t pay more to workers that don’t exist.”


►A Constitutional Amendment on Immigration ?
South Carolina State Senator Glenn McConnell is trying to call for the first time in history, a national constitution convention on immigration. He argues that because the federal government hasn’t done anything, state politicians are the one’s that pay for it. McConnell blames the undocumented on straining the health system and public safety.



“They [federal government] got the power to do it. They don’t have the will, and we’re stuck with the problem and we’re stuck with the bill.  If they won’t act in Washington, then give us the Convention. Let us get a constitutional amendment that empowers the state to act,” McConnell told ABC News 4 in Charleston, S.C.


Amending the state convention has never been done before and thirty three states would have to petition Congress to have an amendment on immigration added.

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