Immigration Across The Nation 06/04/2008


ICE Arrests 1,000 in California and Texas; Hike in Food Prices From the Lack of Immigration Reform

►ICE Arrests Almost 1,000 in California and Texas
According to a press release from ICE, more than 900 criminal aliens, immigration fugitives, and immigration violators have been removed from the United States or are facing deportation today following a three-week enforcement surge by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Fugitive Operations Teams in Calif.
What sparked my interest was the comment that according to the same press release, approximately 25 percent of the undocumented taken into custody in this area had criminal histories in addition to being in the country illegally. I see that as 25 percent of those were bad and should be deported. I’m sorry anyone with a criminal history should be deported immediately. The other 75 percent, is what I’m curious about. Why were they arrested if they had no criminal history?

In the Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio and Austin, Texas, 84 were arrested. According to another ICE press release, “Fifty-six of those arrested during this targeted operation had final orders of deportation; and 28 were immigration violators that the teams encountered during the course of the operation.” So just because someone is undocumented and ICE finds you, one can be deported as those “28 immigration violators” found out.


►Hike in Food Prices Not From Higher Gas Prices
I’m sure we’re all sick of the high gas prices but don’t be blaming the oil companies on the increase of food prices. According to Spanish News Agency EFE, strict immigration laws in Colorado have kept agricultural workers away from the state. “The 15 to 30 percent cost increase for consumer staples in the last year owes to the state’s ‘unfriendly’ policies toward immigrant workers,” Tom Lipetzky, marketing director of the Colorado Dept. of Agriculture was quoted by EFE. In the same article, the governor, Bill Ritter, said that the strict immigration laws have given the state a harmful economic impact.

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