Illinois Migrant Council Reaches Out to Local Farm Workers


Working on the farm can be tough, but transitioning into the Quad City area doesn’t have to be.  The Illinois Migrant Council is here to help farm workers and their families adjust to the Midwestern life by promoting employment and education.

The Illinois Migrant Council is a community-based, non- profit organization. The agency makes sure to mold each program to the individual client’s needs in order to promote a better lifestyle for their families.

“We have an umbrella of services that we offer through our state and federal programs,” Teresa Mendez, Supervisor /Case Manager, said. “We want to create stability in the lives of families.”

The Illinois Migrant Council, which assists over 9 different counties, offers state services that pertain to help with housing, food and even scholarships for college.  Intensive training services are also offered.  These types of programs are held throughout the community in which they utilize other programs and agencies.   A large portion of their caseload for the agency is in job readiness training and occupational skills training.  Teresa says that she likes to see her client learn new skill and succeed in better paying jobs and retain a sense of sustainability in their families. 


“We take each program and base it off the client’s needs,” Mendez added.   Mendez, who supervises case management in both Moline and Peoria, also noted the Illinois Migrant Council not only assists struggling farm workers, but also their family members who would like to expand in education or careers.

Financial assistance is offered for kids’ schooling and physicals. In the past the Illinois Migrant Council have organized workshops and presentations dealing with domestic violence, health and housing. 

For more information about the Illinois Migrant Council or to set up an appointment, call the Moline office at (309) 757-1070.  Case Workers Yolanda Cervantes and Berta Scritchfield are also available to help and both are fluent in Spanish.  Qualifications for assistance may be discussed.  The agency can direct you to other local community services that can assist in case there are other resources they think you can qualify for.


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