If You Are Thinking About Buying or Constructing A Home In Iowa, Read More About The Programs


hispanic_family1The Iowa Financial Authority (IFA) was established in 1975 with the purpose of creating and promoting housing programs with the goal of helping families and individuals of medium and low incomes buy or construct their first home. The IFA at this moment offers two outstanding opportunities for those interested in buying their first home through our network of over 100 financial institutions in the state. If you’re thinking about buying or constructing a home in Iowa, the FirstHome or FirstHome Plus programs can be perfect for you.
The FirstHome program offers a financial  mortgage with a low and fixed interest rate for 30 years, with no points of origin. This program is offered to all buyers who are purchasing their first home and meet necessary program requirements, which also offers flexible credit conditions and a reduced down payment.
Since many people interested in buying their first home have difficulties gathering necessary funds for the down payment, the FirstHome Plus program offers financial assistance of up to $2,500 for the closing cost and down payment or basic repairs for the home besides all of the characteristics mentioned.
In 2006, more than 3,000 Iowa residents used our FirstHome and FirstHome Plus programs to buy the house of their dreams. You, like many of them, could also benefit from these programs if your income meets certain established limits, besides having to inhabit the home within 60 days of the homes construction.
Aside the fact that our programs offer an unusual lower interest rate than the markets rate, it’s also available for 30 years. IFA does not charge any type of costs related to the loan and the participating financial institutions of our programs only charge the loans minimum quote. If these weren’t enough, our participating institutions have agreed to not charge extra points or quoting charges on all of our programs.
If you have any questions regarding your credit, personal budget or other terms related to buying your first home, feel free to contact us at IFA at 1-800-432-7230 or 515-725-4888 (in Des Moines) and ask for Francisco Hernandez. If you have internet access, visit our website at www.iowafinanceauthority.gov using our Spanish link.
On our website you can also find a list of participating institutions (“Participating Lenders”) in which you can find a list of telephone numbers you can call and ask for more specific information regarding our programs. Lastly, if you prefer, you can speak to a real estate agent about IFA.

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