Health Fair Celebrates Life


health_fairThe Illinois Migrant Council sponsored a health fair with information on diabetes and cancer. Other organizations in the state like the Department of Health Services, the Illinois Department of Employment Security and the Northern Illinois Diabetes Coalition were also present.
Pamphlets were available in Spanish
about ones rights and responsibilities in the workplace and a number of other issues like prostate cancer and diabetes. For those who were not able to attend the event, Teresa Mendez of the Illinois Migrant Council said to visit the website at and click on the Chicago office. The number for the local office is (309) 757-1070.
Though the event was a health fair, a representative for Rep. Phil Hare was present and an attorney for The Immigration Project, Manoj Govindaiah answered questions on immigration status. The organization deals with all kinds of immigrants and travels to nine different locations every month.
“The biggest issues are the new law,” Govindaiah said. “We’re trying to encourage the current system of 5-10 years (naturalization process). I know people are skeptical because they may be undocumented but the only faster process it to leave the country and risk it all.”

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