Get Your Matricula and Mexican Passport in Silvis


The Mobile Mexican Consulate of Chicago returns to the Quad Cities on Thursday, August 2nd until Sunday, August 5th at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, located on 800 17th St., Silvis, Ill., so residents of Mexican origin can receive their matriculate card –better known as the Matricula- or Mexican passport to travel.
The matriculate card “is an official documentation, that can be used to open a bank account and receive public medical services,” said Edith Esnada, telephone operator for the Mexican Consulate.
Passports are required to travel by airplane and she  recommends for people to ask airlines for their flight requirements.  When you cross the border by car you only need your residency card or and identification with a picture.  She says that the demand to obtain these documents has increased in the past year.
The Mobile Mexican Consulate of Chicago comes to the Quad Cities every summer so save people in the area the hassle from having to make an appointment and travel all the way to Chicago to receive these documents.
The reason for which it’s important to have these documents is because of “the security regulations for Mexico and the United States,” said Edith Esnada.
The price for a matriculate card is $25 and it’s valid for five years.  The Mexican passport costs $32 for one year or $84 for a five year passport.  You also need two passport photos that you can purchase at any photo studio before the consulate visit.
Laws may always change and may require more documents in the future but according to Ms. Esnada “for the moment it depends on the consulate.”
For more information about the documents needed for a matriculate card or passport call Casa Guanajuato at (309) 736-7727 or visit our web page at or visit

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