First mariachi act signed to Snoop Dogg’s Death Row Records


Snoop Dogg has always shown his love for the Mexican culture. Snoop Dogg has expressed on several occasions his admiration for regional Mexican music, which began many years ago with the music of the late Chalino Sánchez and more recently with Lupillo Rivera and Banda MS. He even played a tribute to Vicente Fernández on December 12, the day of his death.

Snoop Dogg has also teamed up with Banda MS to create the hit “Que Maldición” which today reaches 88 million views. 

In 2023, Snoop Dogg signed mariachi act Julian Torres y Mariachi Cenzontle to the new iteration of Death Row Records. Remarkably, the Mexican band became the first-ever act on the new, reinvented label. The most fascinating fact is that Snoop Dogg met the band outside playing a memorial service for the great basketball star Kobe Bryant. 


Both Julian Torres and Snoop Dogg have expressed their happiness on this record sign. As for Julian Torres, he said he feels “blessed” and “very fortunate” with the opportunity that has been given to him and his band. Julian was born in Hawthorne, California to Mexican parents who instilled a love for Mexico’s music and traditions since he was in the womb. They have officially released their first song with Death Row Records titled “La Fiesta De Mi Pueblo”


After listening to this song, you will have no doubt as to why Snoop Dogg chose them to be the first signed Mariachi band by his record company. In the official video, many supporters express their gratefulness to Snoop Dogg for giving visibility to the beautiful Mexican culture and talent. 

About Death Row Records

Death Row Records changed music ​and​ the music industry. The Los Angeles-based company, formed in 1991 and now celebrating its 30​th​ anniversary, catapulted gangster rap into mainstream consciousness, housed a number of superstars, and showed how successful black-owned rap labels could be.

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