First Latino Player to Hit 600 Home Runs


sosa_600_swing Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and Barry Bonds were the only major league baseball players to have ever hit at least 600 home runs, on June 20th, Sammy Sosa became the fifth.

Sosa who currently plays for the Texas Rangers hit the home run against the team that made him famous, the Chicago Cubs. Pitcher Jason Marquis of the

Cubs was the victim in the fifth inning of the game.

Once the homer was hit, Sosa pointed to the Cubs dugout (bench) and received a similar gesture by Cubs manager Lou Piniella. Sosa played in Chicago from 1992-2004 making seven all-star teams and hitting 545 of his home runs with the Cubs.

Chants of “Sam-my! Sam-my!” were still going on when the batter after Sosa, Frank Catalanotto hit another home run giving the Rangers a 6-1 lead which they would later win 7-3.

The thirty eight year old Sosa has also played for the Chicago White Sox and Baltimore Orioles in his career.

sosa_600Notable Statistics in Sosa’s Career:

►Sosa’s career started with the Texas Rangers where the then part owner of the team and current President of the United States George W. Bush traded Sammy Sosa to the Chicago White Sox.

►As a member of the Rangers, he hit his first home run off of seven-time Cy Young award winner Roger Clemens.

►Sosa has played in the Major League All-Star game seven times, all with the Chicago Cubs.

►He has hit a homer off of every single Major League team.

►Sosa is the only player to have hit at least sixty home runs in three different seasons. (1998-66hr, 1999-63hr, 2001-64hr)

►He was the 1998 National League Most Valuable Player as a member of the Cubs.

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