Faith in the Stars


By Lily Allen-Dueñas, Hola Iowa

Estrella Mireles is the owner of Star’s Beauty Bar, nestled in the vibrant heart of Des Moines’ East Village. Although Star’s Beauty Bar officially opened its doors three years ago, her journey in the beauty industry began with a focus on eyelash extensions back in 2019. Today, Star’s Beauty Bar offers an array of services including eyelash extensions, permanent makeup such as ombre powder brows and lip blush, lash lifts, rejuvenating facials, and expert brow lamination. With her iconic wall of roses and her ‘You’re like really pretty’ neon sign, Star’s Beauty Bar is a standout beauty destination in Des Moines.

While Mireles was born in Des Moines, she shares that she has had “the luxury of being raised here and in Mexico.” Her “parents immigrated to Iowa from Mexico after getting married in hopes of being able to raise a family and provide more opportunities [to their children] than they were given.” Mireles is a proud Latina and is “forever grateful” for the sacrifices her parents made and for the gifts of resilience, hard work, and passion they have instilled in her.


When Mireles first entered the beauty industry, she didn’t know many other people who had their own businesses. “My journey was pretty lonely and confusing,” she candidly reveals. She also had to navigate the pandemic which created a draft shift in her ability to operate her business. Despite the challenges, Mireles is committed to keeping a positive outlook, “I’m thankful to grow through what I go through.” The support of the other local business owners that she’s met over the years has also been a great source of support and encouragement.

Mireles found freedom as a business owner. She wanted a job that she was passionate about, a job she enjoyed showing up to every day. “I was tired of being miserable at a job and doing it solely to make ends meet,” she reflects. “My job now is so rewarding and constantly makes me feel fulfilled through the way I make a positive impact in someone’s day or life.” In embracing business ownership, Mireles discovered a newfound sense of purpose, allowing her to channel her passion for beauty into a fulfilling career that positively impacts both her clients and her own life.

To anyone who is beginning their journey of entrepreneurship, Mireles highlights, “Success doesn’t happen overnight and there may be slow days, months, even years. But no one can stop the plans God has for you or what you work for and manifest for yourself, so just keep on going. You’ll thank yourself in the future for not giving up and taking a chance.”


In Des Moines, Estrella Mireles shines like a star, empowering others to begin their own journeys, no matter the destination.

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