Skating From Buenos Aires Deep Into the Sea


For many boys and girls, the of Disney on Ice shows are something that brings them joy, for the Argentinean, Daniel Galardini, these shows not only bring him joy and but also his salary.
“I like it because it unites the two things I love, which are traveling and skating at the same time,” the professional ice skater said in a telephone conversation.


Daniel is one of the characters in Disney on Ice’s Finding Nemo and has been playing the role of a lionfish for three years. Altogether he’s been with Disney on Ice for eight years.


Galardini has traveled throughout the world with many different Disney on Ice shows like The Time Machine, Hercules, Toy Story, and Beauty and the Beast – a show he did five consecutive years from the first day until the last day it ended.



This love of skating was born when he was young in his native Buenos Aires. As a grown up, he decided to go professional and went to an audition where he found work with Holiday on Ice. This took him on a tour of the world for five years that included shows in Europe, the Orient, the Middle East and South America. 


After returning to Buenos Aires, Argentina, he concentrated on teaching but kept working hard until joining Disney on Ice and again doing what he loved.  “As for my work, I give thanks to God that I was able to do what I like. Of course, I miss my family, but I’m always talking to them over the phone, I take my computer everywhere I go,” said Galardini who sends pictures and email over the Internet to his sister, aunts and uncles; his mother and father are deceased. “My family always supported me with everything.”


He has sacrificed much to be in this type of work and said that he always wants to be involved with these type of shows, even if it’s behind the scenes.
For now, you can find him on Disney on Ice’s Finding Nemo, a show filled with special effects that will take you deep into the sea.



“It’s very good, well executed, the effects, like always, Disney dedicates itself to have that magic,” Galardini said. 
This production will be at the i Wireless Center in Moline, Ill. December 6 -9.

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