Seven Reasons Why I am Going to Vote for Obama


For over 52 years I have followed political events in the United States very closely, because at a very young age I understood that the persons in the White House have a profound effect on my life. They have influenced directly how I live, how much I make on my job, what I can save, my liberties and the welfare of my parents and relatives.  Since the present Republican administration took power, our lives have lost all tranquility and living is every day more expensive and difficult.

I believe that all of you must agree with me that today our lives are very troubled.
My seven reasons as to why I will vote for Obama are:

1. Obama gives me hope because he is young, intelligent, and patriotic.
2. Obama knows by his own experience what it is to feel discriminated against.
3. Obama is very interested in helping the poor, providing universal health care, and many other beneficial programs, including immigration reform.
4. Obama has a program to provide peace in the world and end the war in Iraq.
5. Obama is a deep thinker and is careful in making his decisions and does not make poor judgments on the spur of the moment.
6. Obama selected Joe Biden as his Vice President, a Senator with vast experience in world affairs.
7. Obama was opposed to the war in Iraq, and has consistently voted 90 percent of the time against the policies of the present administration.


I hope that my reasons will persuade persons that are undecided about for whom to vote that if they want to have a better living and sleep with tranquility, we need a change of party in the White House.  Obama will bring us prosperity! Sincerely! 

Jose Bucksbaum is the Chairman,Affirmative Action, Scott County Democratic Party;
President, American Civil Liberties Union, Quad City Chapter

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