Popularity Grows for Mexican Luchadores in the U.S.


bluedemon2Who said soccer was the only popular sport in Mexico?  Well, just like soccer, wrestling or lucha libre, another one of Mexico’s most popular sports, will also be coming to the U.S. thanks to a new wrestling agency located in Chicago, Illinois, that will be promoting this sport.  The agency is called Empresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre Internacional (EMLII), “the high ratings wrestling has is what caught my attention besides the large market its had for 50 years,” says EMLII President, Erick Herman, he also added that he wishes to capture the attention of the Anglo public, since the original arena and spectacular wrestling matches are from Mexico
and he wants to show the American market to Mexico and its talented wrestlers.  The EMLII agency will be inaugurated on April 1st with a great spectacle at Cicero Stadium, where the event will be taped by Azteca America and will be televised on April 15.
But not only is Herman interested in making lucha libre popular in the U.S., now we can find some of Mexico’s most famous wrestlers promoting American products, which comes to show that there is a lot of interest in this sport since we were used to seeing basketball or football players on commercials promoting these products on television.  On March 9th, one of Mexico’s best wrestlers, Blue Demon Jr., presented Coca-Cola’s newest energy drink called “Full Throttle Blue Demon”.  This new energy drink was described to have and exotic Blue Agave flavor and is the first line of Coca-Cola products to be packaged in a bilingual can along with its label and nutritional information.  Another famous company that’s showing more of lucha libre’s famous wrestlers is AT&T Wireless, who along with the WWE will be launching a series of wireless services that will bring popular wrestlers such as El Hijo del Santo, El Enmascarado de Plata to the hands of many fans, according to the press release.  Now WWE fanatics will have access to a custom built portal where they can find ring tones, voice tones and graphics to personalize their mobile phones, a great way to take along the action with them at any time.
So for those who are fans of Blue Demon Jr. and El Hijo del Santo be on the lookout for these products that will be presenting their favorite luchadores.  Hopefully the doors for lucha libre to attract new fans and become more popular in the United States will open successfully so you can see more of Mexico’s best luchadores be promoted and become an even bigger hit not only in their native land, but in the U.S. as well.

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