Passion Play, A Truly Moving Experience


St. Mary’s Catholic Church Hispanic youth group (Grupo Juvenil) in Moline offered a passion play on Palm Sunday, March 16 that made grown men and little children cry alike on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The play was completely in Spanish but anyone could understand what was going on. The event started at the end of mass with a scene of Jesus curing the blind man who couldn’t see. The rest of the play was held in the gym.

The first narrator started the play by saying that this was done for the people. A scene of the last supper followed. Scenes depicted Christ on his knees when his disciples fall asleep, Christ before Pontius Pilate, King Herod, letting Barnabas go, the crown of thorns, the Jews asking for crucifixion, and of course the highlight, all of the stations of the cross. After each station, the crowd would get louder saying “Sorry, Lord, sorry.” (perdon, senor, perdon).

The narrator ended the play saying it was pleasure and to remember who we live for. Maria Casas thanked the crowd and hopes that people remember the passion of Jesus Christ. “We must always remember Christ in our hearts,” she said.


Father Jerry Pilon said that the youth group did a very good job and that it gets better each time. “I think it was very nice and a good opportunity you don’t see too often around here, to see, to have a passion play like this,” he said.

Guillermo Jimenez had the roles of Judas, Barnabas, and the bad guy to the right of Jesus during the crucifixion scene. He started helping out, three years ago with smaller roles, as just one of the people in the crowd around Jesus. Jimenez said he is used to playing multiple roles as when he was at Black Hawk College, he had to play many roles during a play at the school. He also said he feels some spirituality while doing this. “For example, the first year I did it, I was one of the people who cried. The roles I do now, I don’t cry,” he said.

The role of Christ was played by Dan Alcaraz and he has been the lead role, as Jesus for four years, he said. The first year he was involved came as a result of a phone call and he played the role of Barnabas. “Of course, I feel more spiritual with the glory of helping evangelize more people. The majority of the people should take this time to spend more time with God,” he said.


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