Mimes from Guanajuato


mimos1At the Cinco de Mayo festival, two mimes from El Grupo located in Gunajuato, Mexico came to the Cinco de Mayo festival for the children to enjoy.Raul Catalan, the director of El Grupo said that he was surprised that so many people
in the area where from Guanajuato like he was. Catalan said that he wanted to be a clown at the age of 17. “I’m nervous before I have a presentation,” he said. “But I think the art is for all. I notice the imagination being freed in the adults and the children.”His assistant Leila Garcia said that by not talking, everyone regardless if age or language can understand what they are doing.Raul Catalan agreed for two reasons about mimes.“The first is that’s harder to lie and the art can be understood,” he said.

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