Juarez: Young Businessman with ‘Prestige’ future in mind


What is success? Is it someone’s destiny or is it a result of hard work? To be successful in life is a dream of many people, but not everyone comes to a conclusion that it is not destiny, but hard work what makes people successful. Since early childhood Emmanuel Juarez learned that hard work will bring him success in life.


Emmanuel Juarez, originator of Prestige Music, CFO of Juarez Enterprises and principal of Ring of Champions Illinois Inc., was born in Long Beach, CA. In 1996 his family moved to Grand Island, NE where they settled down. When Emmanuel Juarez was 5 years old he realized he wanted to be entrepreneur when he grows up. Juarez told that while growing up he attended private schools and him and his brother were the only minority in the class. “Was tough growing up. Heard a lot of racial things, but made us have tough skins and made us who we are today,” Emmanuel Juarez shared his experience.


It was in the middle school when Juarez started seriously working hard towards his dream of becoming a successful businessman. When he was in school he would bring homemade sandwich with salsa for lunch. Many of his classmates wanted to try a different kind of sandwich they never had eaten before. After noticing that his classmates liked the sandwich, Juarez thought why not sell these type of sandwich to his classmates. Decision was made and as they say, “the rest is a history.”  “They cost me less the $1 to make and I’d sell them for $5 a sandwich and I’d take a dozen every day,” Emmanuel Juarez remembers.



In 2009 this young businessman moved to Omaha, NE, where he went to University of Nebraska in Omaha, college of business. While attending college he was a DJ for Complete music & video and had a full time job selling insurance. Juarez knew his dream and slowly, but steadily was working towards it.


Today Emmanuel Juarez lives in Quad Cities and still working hard. At the moment Prestige Music is the business he is pursuing. He started this venture alongside with his brother, Eric, in June of 2014. Juarez tells that he and his brother had been involved in the world of music and entertainment for ten years now. “Music is what drives what we do and keep us and communities moving. Literally!” Emmanuel Juarez laughs.


With music being such a huge part of his life and thanks to his keen business scent, Prestige Music will surely become a local success. Juarez told that they play any music customer wants. Whether customer likes American country music, fiery salsa or tropical cumbia, they play it all. Prestige Music can be great choice of entertainment for weddings, quinceañeras, corporate events and even clubs! Juarez assures that they customize according client’s preferences. “We offer a full white glove service in everything we do,” Emmanuel Juarez said.



Prestige Music also travels to customer’s location. This team of brothers is professional; they are businessmen who know how valuable each customer is.


Anyone can reach success with a little hard work. Emmanuel Juarez learned that when he was in middle school and since then he is working hard every day to become a national success story one day.



For more information about Prestige Music please visit www.Prestigemusic.com/weebly or check out the Facebook page. Also, come to Halloween Dance party where Prestige Music will be playing. The party is October 31 and November 1 from 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM at Funky D’s Night Club, 1409 5th Ave, Moline, IL. Costume contest (sexiest and most creative), food and drink specials. 21 only and the cover charge is $5. Those who come in costume or with College ID do not pay cover charge.


Photo By Antonio Varela



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