Hola Sports Fit-Mas List: How to stay swole and in control this holiday season


With Christmas just over three weeks away, you’ve probably already began the celebration. With that comes the holiday food, and if you are like most people, that means handfuls of holiday M&M’s, platefuls of your Aunt’s cookies and enough spirits to make Santa stumble a bit. To balance out the holiday ham and Christmas carbs, Hola America Sports has a few items you can add to your wish list to keep extra pounds at a minimum this holiday season.

Elevation Training Mask

In 2011, the Elevation Training Mask came onto the market, giving athletes the chance to feel like they were training in high altitude, not matter where you lived in the country. Eight years later, the company is still around and have come a long way since their gas mask-like first prototype. The Training Mask 3.0 Performance Breathing Trainer is under half the size of the original and has the NXT FORC3 air flow platform that lets users use a dial to change levels. When using this during an outside street run as well as a run on the treadmill, it was very comfortable and felt secure. And if the thought of air pollution weighs heavy on you, ETM offers the VENT Performance Filtration Breathing Trainer. Built the same way as the 3.0, this one features the multi-patented Respurity Breathing Conditioning Platform which offers six on the fly, dialable resistance levels. When comparing this to inside and outside runs, I found myself enjoying this more inside a gym as those that have been in a hot gym know, its very stuffy and the mask made me feel like I was breathing in cleaner air. Whether an avid runner or someone wanting to challenge themselves to a better workout, the Elevation Training Mask offers products to elevate your training days this season and beyond. For more information or to purchase this product visit, www.trainingmask.com.


Egg Weights


We have all been in a cardio kickboxing class, out for a run or shadowboxing at the gym, where we picked up a set of light dumbbells to help add some weight to that workout. And if you’ve done that, you know that the dumbbell can be quite cumbersome adding a level of difficulty that just doesn’t need to be there. The Egg Weights company heard the collective cries of many and came up with a product that provides the same type of workout in the palm of your hand. Offered in 0.5-2.5lbs increments, the metal egg shaped tool allows the hand to naturally conform around the egg with a rubber middle finger loop grip casing around the egg as well. Using this when I shadowboxed, within minutes I forgot I even had the egg weight in my hand. That’s how natural it felt. Adding some sit ups, flutters and a short treadmill run, these weights were pleasantly more versatile than I expected. They can also be custom painted to give them more of a personal touch. And with a very reasonable price point, these egg weights make the perfect stocking stuffer. Just make sure your stocking is secured tightly to your mantle! For more information or to purchase a set visit, https://eggweights.com/

Hysko Punch Tracker:

Just punching a heavy bag seems prehistoric these days. With advances in technology, you can do so much more than simply punch and kick a bag. The Hysko Punch Tracker takes heavy bag work and catapults it into the future! By simply charging the two Hykso Trackers and securing them in your wraps, you are able to keep track of your punch count, speed, power and intensity level during the rounds. With blue tooth capability your workouts are synced to your phone and can be compared to other users worldwide. When using these for the first time, it took a few attempts to get them synced and ready to use. After that I set up five, three-minute rounds. The first round was pretty much like any other round but when I was done I was surprised to see that it really did keep track of every punch I threw, from each hand and how hard. It immediately made me want to hit harder and faster the next round, which when reading more about the product later was something they said would happen. Increasing the speed and intensity a little more each round made what would have normally been just another decent cardio day, one of the highest cardio workouts that week. This product isn’t just for boxers who want to improve their striking game either. When seeing the actual number and intense level measured, there is something in the human brain that wants to beat that score and the only way to do that with the Hysko Punch Trackers is to work harder. For more information or to purchase these visit, https://shop.hykso.com/

Everyone loves the holidays. And there is nothing worse than being on a diet plan during the most delicious part of the year. Whether running with the Elevation Mask, training with the Egg Weights or upping your cardio game to levels you didn’t know existed with the Hysko Punch Trackers, sampling all the savory sweets this Christmas season has to offer can be guilt free as long as you know that come January 1st, you have a plan to sweat off some of that sugar with some outside of the plyo-box workout equipment. Happy training!

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