For Rafa Marquez, Barcelona Is More Important Than Mexico


Rafa Marquez is one of the key few players coming for FC Barcelona this year, as the team prepares for its preseason U.S. tour. After losing the heart of the team and some of his best friends Ronaldinho, Giovanni dos Santos and Deco, Marquez said in a teleconference that it’s unfortunate but part of life. He said the team would benefit from its new players and have had intense preparation with its new coach. “Well, I think that it is like I have said.  My intention is to give my best because, as you say, I am one of those who stayed.  I was there at the start of one project and now we are starting another.  The responsibility to succeed does fall on me as one of the team’s veteran players.  I have to take it on myself to give my best and once again be one of the pillars of this team,” he said.

Marquez’s message to the thousands of Mexican immigrants that are having trouble in this country was to come out and see Barcelona and enjoy the game. “Perhaps it can be good to escape the often very serious problems that they have.  We hope they come to the stadium to have a good time and maybe be able to distract themselves from more serious issues,” he said.

However his more controversial statement of the day was a question on whether the Mexican National Team or the club, FC Barcelona was more important. Marquez said, “The Club, it’s the parent that gives you the opportunity and more. The privilege of playing is more than just about the club. The clubs have fought hard,” he said.

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