Ericsson’s Family Fiesta Turns Into A Surprise For Mrs. Alexander


Pat Alexander, the retiring principal at Ericsson Elementary School in Moline told her staff that she wanted nothing for her retirement. So the school’s staff announced a “Family Fiesta” that turned out to be an unannounced retirement party. A memory jar was available for students, parents, past and present to write their favorite memory. A frame with signatures was also available for the public to sign. Lots of former students, parents, and staff gave her hugs and shared their memories with the principal.

The fiesta also had face painting, bubble blowing, a soccer match, and four piñatas for the children. The Quad City Ballet Folkroico danced as well, with Mexican music being played. Mrs. Alexander was given a sombrero to wear and could not help getting emotional. “I know I said I wouldn’t cry but I’m going to miss you all,” she said.

Someone in the audience started shouting “Viva la principal!” a couple of times. To which the crowd responded, “Viva!”

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