Cinco de Mayo Festival 2007


cinco_de_mayo_fest_07The 2nd annual Cinco de Mayo festival organized by Viva Quad Cities featured dancing from the Chicago and Quad City Ballet Folklorico, clowns, mimes from Mexico, music by DJ Mex and Son y Ritmo Tropical as well as food and children’s activities.Event president Luis Puentes estimated that about 1,500 people were present even with the skies showing a strong wind.Victor Gomez attended the event though the event and thought it was
marvelous and says that he enjoyed the music.“I came of my own taste,” he said.Another attendee was Artenio Sanchez who enjoyed the beer and stayed the whole night. He enjoyed the many different types of dances that were presented. Comparing the way Cinco de Mayo here in the United States and in Mexico, he said that it’s celebrated here under much difference circumstances than in Mexico.
“It’s not like here,” he said.
Gonzalo Miranda had a few complaints about the sound systems because he had difficulty hearing it but he enjoyed the food and everything else.
“I liked the dancing, it reminded me of the culture,” he said.
DJ Mex, the man in charge of music for the event said that he played everything.
“Hip hop, country western, I gave them what they wanted,” he said.
In the children’s area, eight-year-old Teresa Ewing said that her grandmother brought her and that she’d anything. She did not know much about Cinco de Mayo.
“I wish I knew a little about it,” she said.
Jacob Thomas was painting maracas as part of the event. The children had face painting as well. Thomas said that painting was his best thing.

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