Ericsson Students ‘Walk With Dinosaurs’ Thanks to Moline COP West


Moline’s COP West office recently sponsored an essay and drawing contest for Ericsson Elementary School students from 2nd grade to 6th grade.  Of all the 78 students who participated got the chance to write about their favorite dinosaur and also showed off their artistic skills with an accompanying drawing of that dinosaur.

Twenty lucky participants where recognized for their work in the school gym in front of the entire school.  There they were told they would receive a free pass to “Walking With Dinosaurs – The Live Experience” and take part in a pizza and pop party at the school right before they are taken to the show.   The rest of the participants each received a Whitey’s Ice Cream gift certificate. 

Winners were selected by Officer Pat Moody and school secretary Sonia Rodriguez.  But later seven more students received the good news that they too would be chosen to go, since the Moline COP West office was able to get more tickets.


The idea came from Officer Alaniz and COP West office partner Officer Moody who says area parents love when their kids participate in such things.  

“It’s a way for us to interact with the kids and create close bonds with the kids,” Officer Moody said.  “It’s educational and we interact on a positive note.”

Officer Eddie Alaniz, Principal Pat Alexander, and 2nd grade teacher Juanita Terronez will help provide transportation for the kids.


Contest Winners



2: Vanessa Piceno, Ruben Ojeda, Alberto Martinez, Rosa Perez
3: Samuel Mendez, AJ Ponce, Cristal Guzman, Stephanie Avalos
Haisey Flores, Alex Luna, Troy Sountris, Estefani Rosas,
    Eric Alvarado, Amanda Terronez
Bianca Raya, Maria Gaytan, Giovanni Martinez,

    Christian Lechuga, Gaby Jiménez, Mireya Zepeda
6: Melanie Flores, Yamilex Vera, Carlos Zamudio,
    Jesús Hernandez, Roberto Carrillo, Jose Cruz, Gloria Rodríguez



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