Enough is enough


Originally posted on www.brandydonaldson.com December 4, 2019

In all the recent organized efforts to present the QC as a welcoming and inclusive community, I think a great point has been missed or ignored. You cannot look to us marginalized people and communities to lead these efforts. We get the point and are doing what we have to do to uplift and advance ourselves.

Start beating this welcoming and inclusive drum to the majority and make the majority act and change. Demand better from the white community, the heterosexual community, the non-immigrant community. It’s the majority that’s ruining our reputation for the QC. Make efforts to address institutional and systematic racism, xenophobia and bigotry. Stop just talking about bias. There is pure hate in our community. Y’all don’t seem to get it!


And these organizations sit silent when that hate even presents itself in very public ways. But y’all wanna jump on board anytime marginalized communities do anything to uplift themselves. Y’all wanna be all up in the articles and pictures then. But where are y’all at when it’s time to blast these racists who are ruining our communities? And that includes current elected officials and candidates too. Where y’all at? I know some of y’all are right there supporting the hate. But what about the rest? I’m so tired of the bullsh!t and phony efforts. I’ve seen enough!


A church in Bettendorf just pretty much held a KKK rally. No elected official, business leader or high ranking community figure from Bettendorf or Scott County has anything to say about that? I would be calling a press conference in my city and blasting these people, calling it out for what it is and leading an investigation to get IRS sanctions or anything possible against that church. That’s how you prove you’re a welcoming and inclusive community! But nope, crickets. That is so telling of the community we live in!

Yes, I am furious. Yes, I am demanding action from the so-called organizations and elected officials that we constantly see in the news harping about the Quad Cities being welcoming and inclusive. I apply the wisdom of James Baldwin to my community, my chosen home, the community I love more than any other community in the world. “I love America more than any other country in the world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually,” he said.

When will we get real and start ruffling the feathers of the racists and bigots who are poisoning our beloved communities? Yes, I’m talking to you, elected, high-ranking community officials and organizations. These people look a lot like you!

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