East Moline School District will end in-person classes until after fall break


East Moline School District has announced yesterday that they will be moving to remote learning only starting next week.  

Although Illinois was experiencing a rise in coronavirus cases lately, East Moline schools opened for blended learning last week. Even though in-person instructions were only two days a week, for those who decided to attend in person, by Friday four students reported having at least one symptom of Coronavirus and the classrooms and staff who were in contact with those students were sent home immediately.  

Yesterday, the District decided to move learning online starting Monday, August 31. Now all students will be part of EMSD Anywhere, online learning program.  


“I think the staff of district 37 are doing what is best for our kids,” Norma Salinas, parent of two children who attend schools in the East Moline School District, stated her opinion on the matter. “Having them stay at home doing school online is keeping them safe and that’s what all parents want out of a school regardless if there is a pandemic or not. I’m not annoyed or careless about the new decision. I’m more worried my kids will not be fully prepared for the following school year. My son will be going into high school and my daughter to middle school next year and those are big changes. I felt a little comfort when they were attending those 2 days because they were at least able to get one on one with the teacher in person. It’s definitely going to be a tough school year for everyone but I can see us getting through this.” 

For now, it was decided that the students will continue to learn online until after fall break in October. Depending on the situation, the district will announce if learning will remain online or students will be allowed to return to in-person instructions.  

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