Do Hispanics Donate to their Non-Profits?


tom_kadalaOpinion: To Attract Hispanics, Non-Profits need a Different Approach

Convincing Hispanics to donate to their favorite non-profit organization should be a fairly simple matter, especially since Hispanics, in general, are known for their strong family ties. However, according to Hispanic Business Magazine, Hispanics rank as one of the least likely to give their money on a regular basis for a good cause. Part of the reason for the lack of Hispanic donations is that they are already sending money to

other family members back home; but even among those that are considered ‘well off’ and can afford to give, the trend of ‘not giving’ still persists.
At an early age Hispanic children — like most children — learn quickly to get what they want from their parents and grandparents. First it begins with asking for candy at the checkout counter and as they get older they ask for more. Their persistence is probably no different than that in any other culture; however, what may not be apparent to an outsider is the elaborate and complex exchange of words and facial expressions between a child and its parent when the child asks for something and the parent responds. With Hispanics this personal exchange that takes place between them is generally considered more important than the value of what is given. Most non-profit organizations fail to provide an opportunity for a meaningful exchange of “words and facial expressions,’ such as a personal gesture thanking them for their support. Instead a non-profit’s appreciation is usually felt on a donor’s IRS 1040 form as an itemized tax deduction turning ‘donating money to non-profits’ into a common term with well known financial strategies. Even at a young age, most Hispanics have been taught to give without expecting to receive anything in return. For them, donating money to a non-profit organization for the sake of saving on their personal income taxes practically clashes head on with their family and personal values. That said then, how then can Hispanics be encouraged to donate to non-profit organizations on a regular basis? Perhaps the best way to respond to this question is by first asking a few questions about each player involved, such as: Is the problem with the Hispanic donor who equates donations with giving to a local church rather than to a non-profit organization? Or does it lie with the non-profit organization that may need to do more to personally connect with prospective Hispanic donors? Or should corporate sponsors for non-profit organizations seek better ways to highlight their intentions more effectively so that their Hispanic customers can learn by example? …Three major players with three distinct issues all seeking to achieve the same goal. © Copyright 2007 ResearchPAYS, Inc., All Rights Reserved

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