Diversity Service Center of Iowa celebrates their 20th Anniversary

DSCI Executive Director Rosa Mendoza with some of the board members on December 15, 2016 at the inauguration of their current office. Photo Tar Macias / Hola Iowa

20 years making a difference in the lives of those they serve through immigration and social services.

Diversity Service Center of Iowa (DSCI) opened its doors to the public in downtown Muscatine on March 1, 2001. While DSCI’s location has changed throughout the years, the mission has remained the same: to assist families with their immigration process and advocate for senior citizens ages 60+. 

Individuals obtaining immigration documentation plays a vital role in community contribution. “Once an individual receives their immigration documents, they are able to apply for a social security card, driver’s license, obtain employment, open a bank account, continue secondary education, apply for personal/mortgage/auto loans, obtain health/vision/dental insurance through employment, apply for car/house insurances and file income taxes.


DSCI’s accomplishments over the past 20 years include:

  • Assisting over 4,000 different families with their immigration issues.
  • Serving an annual average of 70 to 80 senior citizens ages 60+ for additional benefits that help improve their standards of living.
  • Organizing numerous community events to celebrate Muscatine’s unique diversity.
  • Educating companies and the community on topics related to immigration and diversity.

In 2020, DSCI accepted over 250 new immigration cases, and celebrated the approval of 130 existing cases. DSCI currently represents clients from 20 different countries, impacting the lives of hundreds of parents and children. 70 senior citizens ages 60+ (many of whom only speak Spanish) were assisted through case management.  DSCI’s immigration staff, as well as the organization itself, are accredited by the U.S. Department of Justice to assist individuals through advising and form preparation.

DSCI Executive Director Rosa Mendoza.
Photo Tar Macias / Hola Iowa

“As I think of our 20 years of service and accomplishments, I think of the economic impact we have made in individuals/families lives. And I am also reminded of all the donors who have put their trust in us and have helped form who we are today. For this, I am forever grateful to each one of you,” Rosa Mendoza.


Help DSCI celebrate by making a $20 donation to DSCI, and allow DSCI to continue serving the community for another 20 years. Please visit DSCI’s website: www.dscionline.org , or mail your check to The Diversity Service Center of Iowa, 1514 Isett Avenue, Ste. 2, Muscatine, Iowa 52761. Thank you for your continued support!!

For more information on DSCI call 563-264-8883 and speak with Rosa Mendoza.

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