Disney on Ice returns to Moline


After a year of the pandemic, little by little things are cautiously getting back to normal. And that means that Disney on Ice is coming back to the Quad Cities this November 18 to 21.

Disney on Ice has become a tradition that starts the Holiday season for Quad Citians. This year it will be extra special. After almost 2 years Disney on Ice is coming back with a show that will be a bit different from the past ones.

“This will be a fun and amazing experience for everyone,” Mealanie Argudo, one of the skaters said.


Argudo is from Tampa, FL and she started skating when she was 6 years old. In Disney on Ice she is part of the ensemble of skaters. She explained that it was very hard for the past year because of the pandemic, but she tried to keep training and was skating as soon as skating rinks were allowed to open.

Agudo said this year’s show will be special because it will also have acrobats performing in the air. Jensel Diaz Rodriguez, from Arecibo, Puerto Rico is one of the acrobats who will be doing amazing performances in the air. Although he is not as experienced a skater as Agudo, he is a great acrobat who used to coach gymnastics and parkour.

“I do extreme stuff [on the Disney on Ice show],” Diaz Rodriguez said with a laugh.


These two performers explained that not all traveling Disney on Ice shows include acrobatic performances and that is why this year’s performance in the TaxSlayer Center in Moline will be extra special.


“It combines circus and figure skating,” Agudo described this year’s show.


“There is a lot to see. Acrobats flying and skaters skating gracefully,” Diaz Rodriguez added.


They explained that Disney on Ice this year will also have a good story line.  It will be called Mickey’s Search Party. The characters will be looking for the lost Tinker Bell Wand. The show will include most beloved characters from such Disney films as Aladdan, Beauty and the Beast, Coco and Little Mermaid.

“We want to invite everyone to come to the show,” Agudo said. “This is for the whole family [to enjoy].”

“We want to invite everyone to see something a little different,” Diaz Rodriguez extended his invitation to members of the Quad Cities community.

After a year of no fun events, Disney on Ice is returning to the Quad Cities with a show that will be bigger and better. Don’t miss this one of a kind show with acrobats flying in the air and skaters dancing on the ice. Disney on Ice presents Mickey’s Search Party November 18 – 21, 2021. For show times and to purchase tickets please, go to https://taxslayercenter.com/

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