Democratic Iowa State Senator uses derogatory term towards Latinos on campaign mailers


Rich Taylor, a Democratic State Senator from Iowa’s 42nd District appears to have made a hate statement in the campaign literature.

Taylor, who currently serves as Assistant Democratic Leader in the Iowa Senate, is running for re-election this year. He won the election against Larry Krause in 2013, flipping the district after incumbent Shawn Hamerlinck lost his seat due to sexual harassment suit filed against him.

In his re-election campaign literature he promises to expand apprenticeships and training to Iowa residents who feel that college is not right for them. Taylor’s campaign literature lists his accomplishments such as “voted to bring more businesses and economic development to our region” and “worked with Republicans and Democrats to get things done” . Among these accomplishments there is one that is considered a hate statement by many. The very last on his list of achievements as Iowa Senator states, “supported hiring Iowa workers instead of illegal immigrants”. Many consider “illegal immigrant” a derogatory term that is applied to a certain group of people only.

Although that term is widely used by demagogue Republican candidates it is unusual to see a Democrat candidate use it on his campaign literature. 

Hola Iowa reached out to LULAC Iowa State DIrector Nick Salazar for a statement: “Iowa Senator Rich Taylor’s campaign literature containing anti-immigrant rhetoric is dehumanizing to the residents of Mt. Pleasant where the community is still recovering from an ICE raid that separated and detained families.”  He said referring to the ICE raid on May 9, 2018 that took place in Mount Pleasant.

“This despicable language from an Iowa Democrat is another new low in the bipartisan assault against Iowa’s hard working immigrant communities. The Iowa Democratic Party needs to denounce Taylor’s actions” Salazar added.

Rich Taylor is in his second term. He was re-elected in 2016.


Hola Iowa requested response from Senator Taylor:

“I take full responsibility.” he said. 

“The Iowa Senate Democrats, Senate Majority Fund nor the Iowa Democratic Party had any input,  approval or funds involved and were not consulted in any way.

My message was intended to mean it is not alright for Iowa Employers to “Illegally” bring in Immigrants from anywhere to work as modern day slaves in their Iowa businesses. 


Apparently my message is read differently than my education anticipated it would be. Apparently my intention of sticking up for these people was misinterpreted  as an attack on Immigrants. That was not my intent.” 

“I apologize for my inappropriate choice of words. It will not happen again.” Senator Taylor concluded. 

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