Davenport LULAC Queen candidates keep tradition going

Annalee Rocha, Isabel “Izzy” Reyes and Madeline “Maddie” Arguello Photo by Antonio Varela / Hola Iowa

Last year the pandemic paused many events and celebrations, but this year many are safely returning. The LULAC Fiesta Queen contest, one of the favorite traditions in the Quad Cities, was also on pause in 2020. This year this beloved tradition resumes. The Davenport LULAC Fiesta Queen will be announced on Friday September 17, 2021 during Mercado on Fifth in Moline.   

“This is a very important part of our annual scholarship fundraising effort. For many years the Queen contest has helped sustain the scholarship program,” Mike Reyes, LULAC Iowa Past State Director and member of LULAC Davenport, said.

Raising funds for scholarships is the main objective of the LULAC Queen contest but for many of the participants throughout the years it is a family custom.


“My grandma was the first LULAC queen,” “It’s kind of like a tradition to be part of” said 2008 LULAC Fiesta Queen Jamie Vargas.

Assata Caldwell the 2013 LULAC Queen is a graduate from Iowa State University, where she studied Biological Pre-Medical Illustration. She shared with us what it meant for her to be LULAC Queen.

“Being Queen was a great experience, firstly, for my family because running has been a tradition. My aunt was queen, my sister was queen and I was honored to be a part of that tradition,” Caldwell said. 


“I received two LULAC scholarships during my time in college and those scholarships really helped me be able to afford getting my degree. I believe all students that wish to continue their education should be given that opportunity for that bit of help, and running for queen helped me raise those funds for them.” she added. 


The following young women are vying for the title of LULAC Fiesta Queen this year:  

Annalee Rocha, 16 years old, of Muscatine, IA. She is the daughter of Carlos and Melissa Rocha. Annalee attends Muscatine High School. This young lady is involved in Silver Cord and Juntos. She also is part of the LULAC club.  



Isabel Valerio-Reyes, 15 years old, is from Davenport, IA. She is the daughter of James and Sylvia Reyes. Isabel currently attends North High School. This candidate loves to play volleyball and travel. She served as LULAC youth secretary and volunteers at Grace Lutheran Camp.  


Madeline Arguello, 15 years old, of Davenport, IA. She is the daughter of Brian Arguello and Rebecca Anderson. Madeline attends Central High School. Madeline plays softball for Central High School. She volunteers at various LULAC events like bingo, kitchen and others. In her free time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family.  

Fatima Dominguez, 22 years old of Rock Island, IL. She is the daughter of Manuel and Leticia Dominguez. Fatima currently attends Augustana College. She says that her college life has taught her to be a better communicator and develop great organizational skills.  

So make sure you support your favorite candidate or candidates for LULAC Queen. The tickets are only $1 and all the proceeds will go to help support scholarships for local students.

The LULAC Fiesta Queen will be crowned during LULAC Night at Mercado on Fifth on Friday September 17. Come out to enjoy a fun evening with your family and see which one of the young ladies will be crowned the next LULAC Fiesta Queen. 

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