City of Moline to Offer Curbside Recycling March 31


Some residents in Moline have already received a blue container next to their trash can; the new container will be used for recycling starting Monday, March 31. If one looks closely at the lid, if it has the word “white” on it, your service starts March 31. If your lid says “maroon” on it, your recycling service starts Tuesday, April 7.

Pick up dates for recycling are the same as your garbage day, except that it’s done every other week. Please note, this does not mean, twice a month. A brochure by the city of Moline said, “On your recycled week, place your 48 gallon blue recycle cart at the curb three feet from your garbage cart.” The program is “single streamed” meaning all items go into the blue container. Paper, plastic containers and cans are accepted.  No glass items are allowed. The cost will be $2.56 a month on your water bill. More detailed instructions about the items that are recycled will be provided on the lid of the new container.

The City of Moline’s Recycling Do’s and Don’ts are the following:

1. Glass is not accepted in the curbside recycling program.


2. Follow the recycle directions provided on the lid of your recycle cart or on the recycle containers at the drop-off center.

3. Rinse out all cans and containers before recycling them.

4. Labels on cans are OK but throw the sharp lids away.


5. Throw away food contaminated paper and foil.

6. Break down cardboard so it will fit and save space in your curbside recycling cart and to save space at the drop-off center.


For more information, contact the following:
Midland Davis (Curbside Recycling): 309-277-1625
City Carton (Drop-off Recycling): 563-322-6530
Moline’s Bulky Item Collection: 309-797-0780
Moline’s Leaf Hotline: 309-797-0425

Other Important Recycling and Solid Waste Information:
To recycle tires, call 1-800-917-1969. Limit of 10 tires per household, per year. Free.


To recycle household appliances/white goods, call 1-800-917-1969. Limit of 4 per
 household, per year.  Free.

To recycle E-waste such as computers, printers, televisions and radios, call the Electronic Demanufacturing Facility, 563-823-0119. No charge for Rock Island County residents.

To recycle household hazardous waste, such as paint, solvents, pesticides or cleaners at no charge, call Scott Area Landfill at 563-381-1300.

Batteries may be taken to Batteries Plus, 4105 44th Ave., Moline, at no charge.
Motor oil can be taken to AutoZone, 4161 Ave. of the Cities and Advance Auto Parts, 4114 Ave. of the Cities, Moline. Limit of 5 gallons per day, at no charge. Western Auto Stores, 1212 2nd Ave., Rapids City, (309-496-2200) will take 2 gallons max. of antifreeze at 60 cents per gallon. Must be in a sealed container.

To recycle concrete, call Tri City Black Top at 563-359-3491. Free.
Plastic loose fill, bubble wrap and packaging peanuts may be recycled at Mailboxes & Parcel Depot, 4343 – 16th Street, Moline and SellPro, 3030 State Street, Bettendorf. Free.

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