If the media conference call was any indication of how the rematch fight between Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (37-11) and Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal (20-5) will be next week in Chicago at Bellator 175, MMA fans could witness a crazy and chaotic main event. In fact, it seemed the only thing in common that the two have is their shared love for the Windy City. “I love Chicago,” said Rampage. “I’m just looking forward to enjoying the City when this is all said and done,” added King Mo. “Shout out to the Harvey Twisters and their wrestling program out there in Harvey, IL.”


The first time Rampage and King Mo met was at Bellator 120 in May of 2014. Rampage would go on to win on the judges’ scorecards with a unanimous decision, but King Mo felt like he won that fight agreed quickly for this rematch. “Last time I checked they score fights by rounds right,” asked King Mo. “Professionals, most of the people, most of the fans and most of the media had me winning. That’s why you asked for a rematch.” Rampage saw it a bit differently though. “A fight’s a fight and a win’s a win,” said Rampage. “Like you can say, ‘Oh he took him down a lot and scored some points!’ I’m from the streets though. A fight is a fight.”

Aside from all that, the most confusing part of the call was that it seemed like Rampage didn’t know that the fight was being billed as a heavyweight fight and at one point even accused his coach of lying to him saying it was at a catchweight of 235lbs. “They wanted me to fight you at catchweight,” explained Rampage. “If you are mad about my weight, you shouldn’t have took this fight.” King Mo quickly responded. “I chose to fight at heavyweight. I don’t care about weight. I’m cool with that.”

This will be Rampage’s sixth fight under the Bellator banner and with King Mo being 6-1 in his last seven fights for Bellator, this fight is as intriguing and has as much bad blood and history as many of the big ticket fights put on by other organizations. “The MMA worlds aren’t idiots, they aren’t fools and they’re not suckers,” said Rampage. “They know a real rivalry when they see one. They know King Mo got a big mouth and most MMA fans want me to shut his mouth.”

“This is a real rivalry and we don’t like each other,” added King Mo. “And he can say most fans want to see him shut my mouth, but if they do they are going to be very disappointed on March 31.”

Bellator 175: King Mo vs. Rampage 2 will take place Friday, March 31st LIVE from the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL and will be broadcasted on Spike. Prelims start at 7pm with the main card starting at 9pm.

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