Cheri Bustos Seeks East Moline City Council Seat


bustosAfter a newsworthy year for the East Moline City Council, a new face is looking for a place as the 4th Ward Alderman.  Cheri Bustos has announced her candidacy to the position but must first be elected in the Democratic Primary election that takes place on Tuesday, Feb. 27. Cheri Bustos displayed her hard work ethic and commitment when she was the first in line at the East Moline City Clerk’s office as she arrived at 5:45 a.m. the day candidates could file for the primary elections.  Before that, she managed to collect 14 times the amount of the required three signatures, while at the same time talking to the people of East Moline and finding out what issues matter to them the most. She says that the people expressed concern about the city’s image.“That we are not viewed necessarily as a place where new businesses want to locate.  Or not necessarily viewed as a city on the upswing.  Were not necessarily viewed as having a downtown that is really alive,” Bustos said.She wants to position the city as a place where businesses want to go and people want to live, “and a lot of that is about positioning us in a positive light.”The East Moline City Council members will have already voted on the proposed Triumph pork plant issue that divided many people in the community by the time newly elected officials take office after the April elections.  If the plant goes through and Bustos is elected, she says that at that point as an alderman she will have to “make sure that Triumph is a good corporate citizen, that they are a good neighbor, that they are taking good care of our environment, that they are giving back, that they are good to their employees.  That’s the kind of stuff that if I’m elected I’m going to have to look out for.”She has created a four-point mission for the city that includes creating a neighborhood advisory board, calls for partnerships in school, industry, business and nonprofits, rewarding innovation in business and an annual spring cleanup.Bustos believes that “a strong city has strong schools” and wants to have kids coming out of United Township High School going to college and getting a good education so that they may return to East Moline and “do great things.”“Truancy is not just a school problem, if you got kids skipping school they are running around your city. Can we open up the school for activities going on at night? Can we work together on youth programs?” Bustos proposes.She has posted all the details of her mission on her website: where she has a “Question of the Week” to get feedback from the diverse community of East Moline.“I think that part of our strength in East Moline is that we are a diverse population, I see that as an absolute positive,” Bustos said, “I like the fact that in our downtown we have a lot of ethnic restaurants and businesses, I see that as positive.”

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