Bustos visits energy efficient home in Moline as part of her Renewable Energy Tour


Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (IL-17), continues her renewable energy tour. She visited a house that uses geothermal energy in Moline and discussed the importance of geothermal energy with Chris Cacari of Doug’s Heating and Air.


Doug’s Heating & Air Conditioning has been installing geothermal heat pump systems since 2000. According to the company, their ClimateMaster system is one of the greenest, most efficient ways to heat and cool your home, and less fuel means less pollution and less expense.

Cheri Bustos visited the home of Jeff Cruz in Moline. “I am very satisfied with my geothermal unit and on average over the past 13 months my MidAmerican bill on average is about $130/month, this is with me running my air constantly due to allergies.” Cruz commented about his heating and air system.


Bustos is a strong proponent of sustainable and renewable energy and believes that producing clean energy at home is a way to better our environment, create good-paying jobs that can’t be outsourced, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. She supports extending the Wind Production Tax Credit to increase wind power generation across the country. She also supports the New Energy for America Act which aims to expand the use of solar power, particularly in low income areas.  She has also been an advocate of biofuels and a robust Renewable Fuels Standard.

On her Renewable Energy Tour, Rep. Bustos has previously visited the Bishop Hill Wind Energy Project in Henry County, Spoon River Solar Farm in Astoria, Highland Community College’s Wind Turbine Training Program in Freeport, and Acciona’s EcoGrove Wind Farm in Lena.


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