Bob Cervantes and Silvis “The City of Progress”


Bob Cervantes, alderman of the 1st Ward in Silvis, has been in office for 12 years and this year once again he is running for reelection.

Bob Cervantes has served 3 terms in the office and has been in the council longer than any other current Alderman. During his years of public service he has been part of various committees. Presently, he is the Chairman of the Public Safety Committee, which oversees the Fire and Police Departments.

“I am Mexican American and I am proud of my heritage. I also strongly believe that it is important to have diversity in the Council,” Cervantes said. In the Council there are a lot of people of different backgrounds, but Bob Cervantes is the only Hispanic Alderman. On recent history he is the third person of Hispanic background to be Alderman in the Council of Silvis.


“I think that during these years in my position I did a lot of good things,” the Alderman says. “For example, we brought new development to the area and I worked well with the former Aldermen and Mayor. These have been a rewarding 12 years for me.”

Bob Cervantes assures that thanks to this position he feels that he is making a difference and even though his wife of 33 years does not really want him to continue with his political career, he knows how to convince her to let him run for reelection.

When it comes to the future plans of Alderman Bob Cervantes, he hopes to run for mayor of Silvis one day, but before this happens he will continue enjoying his position as Alderman making a difference for all the Silvis residents.


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