Beautiful México: The Candle Festival of Uruapan, Michoacán


The Candle Festival of Uruapan (the 2nd largest city in the state of Michoacán, México) is one of the most important tourist attractions in the municipality. The festival was born in 2008, with the intention of institutionalizing a quality event that will enhance the celebrations of the traditional Day of the Dead. The lighting of 800 candles in the first square of the city, distributed among the portals, squares, and some of the main streets of the Historic Center, is the main attraction of the event and it is held on November 1, in addition to being complemented with traditional altars and some artistic events, which begin two days before.

Over the years the event has been growing, since it was well accepted by the citizens and tourists who visited the city at that time, so they began to look for strategies to position it as one of the best festivals, not only in the state but of the country.

As of 2016, it managed to position itself internationally, becoming the best option in Michoacán, for locals, visitors, and tourists, to worship their deceased within the framework of this national festival full of magic and traditions. Reaching significant achievements, as it exceeded the influx that Pátzcuaro and Janitzio had.


The impact of the Candle Festival in Uruapan has generated that all sectors of society seek to join, participating in events or exhibitions. Schools of middle and higher levels, companies, and government agencies themselves set up altars, full of creativity and tradition. They offer their products for the traditional bread tasting, accompanied by a good hot chocolate.


During its organization, it seeks to generate and encourage creativity in the citizens, not only in the municipality of Uruapan but throughout the State, participating in the poster contest alluding to the festival, making them feel identified with a tourist product that projects us throughout the world.

Uruapan, in addition to being the World Capital of Avocado and the World Capital of Crafts, offers adventure, religious, gastronomic, and architectural tourism, as well as the opening of artistic and cultural spaces of great impact.

This year the Candle Festival will be from October 28 to November 2, with a variety of events, music, dance, theater, exhibitions, contests, workshops, night visits, and points of interest, the main one on November 1 with the now traditional lighting of candles in the first square of the city.

We appreciate the collaboration of the citizens of the municipality of Uruapan Rosa Elvira Núñez Ángel, the Municipal President Ignacio Benjamin Campos Equihua; Alberto Galinsonga Esparza; Javier Espinoza Gonzalez; and Dr. Jaime Emmanuel Equihua Estrada.

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