Aztec Ruler, Ahuizotl’s Tomb Found


Archaeologists have found in Mexico City chambers that they believe to contain the remains of Emperor Ahuizotl. This would be the first time a tomb of an Aztec ruler had ever been found and could provide extraordinary information on the Aztecs. Archaeologists do not really know how long it will take to remove the remains but estimates are as
early as this fall. The passage is filled with water, rocks and mud and the archaeologist hope to find the ashes of Ahuizotl who is believed to have been cremated in 1502. Ahuizotl was the last Aztec ruler to have ruled and completed his rule. His nephew was Montezuma and his son was Cuauhtemoc. Ahuizotl ruled when Christopher Columbus entered the new world.The site is off the Zocalo plaza in Mexico City between the Metropolitan Cathedral and the pyramid ruins of Templo Mayor. According to Luis Alberto Martos, director of archaeological studies at Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History, he told the AP that he expects rich offerings like vases, ornaments and things Ahuizotl used in the burial site. Radar detects up to four chambers in the chambers in the burial tomb and scientists think they will find elaborate offerings on the floor once they reach it.

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