Area women Invited to Free Breast Cancer Early Detection Seminar and Luncheon


Area women are invited to a free educational seminar and luncheon, “Early Detection for Breast and Cervical Cancer across Generations, Cultures and the Mississippi River,” from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 18, at Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse Metro Room, 1300 River Dr., Moline.  Keynote speaker is Dr. Melinda Hass, general surgeon.

Limited seats are still available by calling Trinity oncology clinical nurse specialist Carolene Robinson at (309) 779-5080.  There will also be a breakout session for women under 40. 

October is breast cancer awareness month and the event’s purpose is to raise awareness with women of all backgrounds that early detection can save their lives. 

“Early detection to us means cure,” Carolene Robinson said. 


Robinson says that for Hispanic women the incident of developing breast cancer is not as high as it is in white women, but the mortality rate is a little higher. 

Robinson says they don’t get as many Hispanic, black, or Asian women getting the exams as they would like.

“We don’t completely understand it.  We believe that if they are underinsured they probably will not get the exams.   Some women just don’t know the importance of it,” Robinson said. 


She says that sometimes, women think that “If I don’t take the exam, then I don’t have the cancer, but then they wait too long and the cancer has already spread.”

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