Adios To Hola


I’ve had the experience of reporting on a variety of subjects from writing on immigration, politics, and sports. I even wrote on a calendar by the Mamacitaz models. However, this will be my last article with the paper, as I have been accepted to the seminary for the Diocese of Davenport in my studies to become a Catholic priest. Why? I feel I can make a huge difference in that area. My mom says it’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was little. I just want to serve God and his people; in whatever it is that I’m called for.

As a reporter, I get a lot of credit and people think I do the whole paper. There are however so many people who do most of the work. First, I want to thank Tar Macias for giving me this opportunity and Alvaro Macias for editing my stuff. If you saw the first version of my stories, many would wonder how his guy’s even reporting. I also want to thank Yesenia for making the pages which made my work look good. I joke but I’m serious, she puts in a lot more work on a given issue than most people do at any given work week. There are translators, as well as other staff to thank because really without all of them, there’d be no paper.

 I also have to thank my advisor with the Black Hawk College newspaper, The Chieftain, Tory Brecht of the Quad City Times, who introduced me to the world of journalism. Brecht mentioned me to Tar and the rest was history. Brecht also introduced me to managing editor of the Quad City Times, Jan Touney, who put up with a lot from me in my time with them.

I think what I’ll miss most is just interviewing people, they made the story. I enjoyed that I beat The Dispatch and Quad City Times to a story and angry when they two big papers in the area didn’t cover things that I wrote about which deserved much better coverage, i.e. a feature on Cris Greene’s passing. I also want to thank the readers, who gave me feedback on what was good and not so good with the paper. You may see my name in the paper in a couple of stories that were held back in the next couple of issues and I might continue the Immigration Around the Nation column but I can’t make a promise that I can’t keep.


So I say adios to Hola America. It was a blast and everyone who reads and is part of this paper deserves a thank you. I ask for your prayers in my journey in my studies for the priesthood. Anyone wishing to contact me can do so via email at [email protected] or through a blog once I get situated in the seminary at www.

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